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R3 awarded EODESU-1 maintenance contract

R3 was awarded a five-year prime contract through Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk, VA to support the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Expeditionary Support Unit ONE (EODESU-1) Dive Locker Mk-16 SCUBA Maintenance Services.

Our support will perform the maintenance of critical (DLSS) equipment at EODESU-1 Diving Division and provide scheduled and corrective maintenance on eighty-six (86) MK-16 underwater breathing apparatus (UBA) and one hundred twenty (120) SCUBA dive rigs.

EODESU-1 personnel have provided global EOD support which has impacted the unit’s ability to meet individual and detachment training. Extended, accelerated, and unplanned deployments continue to create urgent requirements in individual and detachment pre-deployment training schedules that are already competing for limited resources.

R3 will provide training and expertise to individuals and detachments in the operation and maintenance of portable and installed High Pressure Air (HPA) systems, HPA storage and delivery systems and certify personnel in the use of the Poseidon Regulator.

R3 awarded EODTEU-1 professional training contract

R3 was awarded a 30-month prime contract through Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk, VA to provide a support team to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit ONE (EODTEU-1) of Learned Professionals whose primary duties will require advanced knowledge in the specialized intellectual instruction and teaching Subject Matter Experts experienced in Explosive Ordnance Disposal, chemistry, virtual reality, and emerging technologies evaluation.

R3’s team consists of Booz Allen Hamilton and Point One, USA and we will provide 19 professional personnel to support the training of EOD units of action (UoA), develop strategies for the integration of emerging technology into EOD Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures (TTPs) and support the Learning Standards Department for incorporation of new technology and associated training into curriculum material updates and revisions.

Our team will train approximately 300 EOD Technicians, Navy Divers, and or other Department of Defense (DoD) personnel each year. Our SMEs will be supporting the following courses: EOD Expeditionary Mine Counter Measures / Very Shallow Water; EOD Human Systems Integration Cell; EOD Surface Ordnance/IED; EOD FTX Trainers; and a Chemist to support Chemical and Biological/Homemade Explosive Division.

R3 awarded EXU-1 support contract

R3 was awarded a five-year prime contract through Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Research Triangle Park, NC to provide Expeditionary Exploitation Unit ONE (EXU-1) Global Operational and Program Institutionalization Support.

R3 will conduct technical investigations, conduct experimentation, provide COCOM and headquarters (HQ) specific intelligence and programmatic support, provide operational support, workforce development support and acquisition and logistics support to Expeditionary Exploitation Unit ONE (EXU-1) and its CEXC & FMA platoons as well as its Advanced Exploitation Capability (AEC).

Our team will assess and develop Maritime Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI)/Attack the Network (AtN) strategies enhancing rapid acquisition processes; assess current and planned capabilities and identify deficiencies; characterize operational deficiencies and identify emerging material technologies best suited to support maritime WTI and AtN missions