PMS 408 Support

PMS408LOGOR3 provided support for the development of a global deployment and sustainment strategy for CREW systems. NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) PMS (program manager, ships) 408 is the Navy program management office for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), counter radio controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare (CREW), and anti-terrorism afloat (ATA) systems. DoD Directive 5101.14 designates the Navy as the DoD executive agent for ground-based (mounted, dismounted, and fixed base) CREW systems, and PMS 408 acts as the program manager. CREW systems are the electronic jammers used to protect U.S. forces against radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). R3 provided PMS 408 with analysis of CREW requirements as the Department of Defense prepares to answer requirements outside of Iraq and Afghanistan. The task includes visiting each of the geographic combatant commands, the Joint IED Defeat Organization, Service staffs, relevant Combat Support Agencies (CSAs), and other federal agencies to document requirements; identify gaps where a need exists but a capability is not provided; and helping PMS 408 develop its strategy to meet those requirements over the long term. Specific tasks include developing a CREW capability and capacity roadmap, identifying CREW tasks that can be performed by CSAs, identifying obstacles to implementing a global CREW strategy, and drafting language for a CREW concept of operation. An additional specified task is to identify a CREW Community of Interest to sponsor, coordinate, and advocate for integration of CREW capability in their organizations.