Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

U.S. Navy Expeditionary Combat Command logoR3 is providing support to the NECC Home Station Training Continuum (HSTC) Evidence Based Management (EBM) Process.  The Home Station Training Lanes are training areas throughout the United States positioned in Fleet Concentration Areas to provide Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED), Counter-Insurgency (COIN), Confronting Irregular Challenges (CIC), and emergency medical pre-deployment training for the Navy’s Expeditionary force.  Each site’s configuration and equipment, curriculum, and practical exercises are very similar.  The demanding individual and collective training environment is engineered specifically to enhance IED defeat operations.  R3’s support encompasses various tasks, including development of automated training support requests and student feedback mechanisms, schedule creation and management, as well as, data collection, storage and reporting.  R3’s EBM process provides leaders with a readily accessible database of information collected from each training site and reporting capability to enable informed, empirically based training management and resource decisions designed to improve training delivery effectiveness and efficiency.